Industrial Cleaning

J.K Cleaning Service provides your company with a quality industrial cleaning service. Our team of experience cleaning have a full understanding of the requirements it takes to keep your business premises to a high standard with a high quality of hygiene.  


Hard Floor Maintenance

J.K Cleaning Service understand that hard floor surfaces need to be maintain on a regular bases to achieve that fresh new look that shows the attention to all hard floor cleaning requirements. We have a full range of floor care service from strip and seals, floor scrubbing and buff polish. We do stone floors, timber floors, vinyl floor, and tile floors.   

External Water Blasting

J.K Cleaning Service offers excellence in the water blasting of your home and driveways plus other outdoor areas that may require that extra cleaning care. Our team are professional in the way they carry every job.  

Builder Cleaning

J.K Cleaning Service experience cleaning team offers construction company’s a high standard of quality in service for the cleaning of home builds, commercial construction all areas of the building in industries. No job is too big or too small, our team will make sure the job is complete and all requirements are meet. 

Personal Guarantee

We can personally guarantee your satifcation in all your cleaning requirements. 

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